EMArges offers a novel type of a Fabry-Perot open resonator with Gaussian mirrors for automated broadband and accurate resonant measurements of electromagnetic properties of low-loss dielectric sheets in the 20-110 GHz frequency range. The system is equipped with a specialized software controlling the measurement process and extracting complex permittivity of the material under test from the measured frequency and Q-factor.

The system is offered for various frequency bands within 20-110 GHz limits. For instance, a major interest of the customers is in the measurements in the 20-50 GHz frequency range, although the option operating in the full frequency range is also popular.

Measurement setup
Measurement results (PET, t = 100 µm)

The whole measurement setup consists of a computer, where the control software is installed, connected to the resonator and to the measurement equipment (either VNA or scalar Q-Meter). A Fabry-Perot cavity operates at consecutive TEM0,0,q Gaussian odd modes spaced every 1.5 GHz. Due to a sophisticated adaptive algorithm implemented in the control software dedicated to accurate and robust tracking of the modes, total measurement time usually does not exceed 10 minutes in the 20-50 GHz frequency band.

The system allows measuring samples with the following properties:

  1. dielectric constant: ε’ = 1 … 15 (accuracy: ∆ε’/ ε’ < 0.5%)
  2. loss tangent: tanδ < 10-2 (accuracy: tanδ/tanδ < 2%). For tanδ < 10-5, only dielectric constant can be usually measured.
  3. thickness: 15µm – 3mm
  4. diameter: >75mm

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